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App Review: Eggbun Chinese

I have been playing around with Eggbun Korean for a little while, and noticed they recently released a Chinese version of their app. Overall, I love the concept of Eggbun and it’s a fun new way to go about teaching… Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Apps: Translator

I’ve been playing around with Windows 10 a bit more recently, especially as the anniversary update has come out and there’s a new ‘Dark’ theme (if the screenshots don’t make it too apparent I kind of love the theme). As… Continue Reading →

Hanping: A Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary App Suite for Android

I’ve been using Android on my phone much more recently, which given me some time to check out the collection of Hanping apps, an old staple in the Android phone user’s repertoire. There’s six apps in total: Hanping Chinese Dictionary (with both a… Continue Reading →

On Tone Colors

While looking for discussions on tone colors, I came across this blog post the other day, “Color temperature of Mandarin tones“. I am by no means a designer, but I found it to be a really interesting analysis of a… Continue Reading →

Spotifying Your Language Learning

Apple Music. Google Music. Spotify. Who really knows what’s going on in the tech-music industry these days, but for me, Spotify just launched a new feature that is a huge plus for language learners out there. It’s called “Musical Map:… Continue Reading →

WaiChinese – A complete tone changer

I have to preface this by saying I am extremely impressed by WaiChinese. I have absolutely always wanted an app that was able to actually track your tones as you say them and it’s finally here! So please go and… Continue Reading →

New Chinese Learning App Roundup!

There’s been quite a few great new apps released for both iOS and Android recently that would make a great addition to any Chinese learner’s toolbox. So in this post I wanted to highlight a few of them and share… Continue Reading →

The Skritter Android Beta is Out!

Good news for Skritter users with Android devices–the Skritter Beta for Android is out! Check out the post below for a few screenshots and brief overview. Also, learn how to get a three-week free trial (instead of the usual one week)… Continue Reading →

MCBs and Anki 2.0

This post is a reflection on my experiences with MCBs, mentioned by Jeff弁 over at his blog. You can read all about them here and in this follow-up post, both worth checking out in their entirety. MCB’s, to quote Jeff… Continue Reading →

“Opera-”ting Through Web Browsers

I tend to use a variety of web browsers (as much as I prefer multitasking tools to simplify things, I can’t seem to find a browser that works best for me.. some websites only render well in IE, Firefox is… Continue Reading →

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