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Tiny Death Star – Learn Chinese and Be a Geek, for Free

The opening for this post probably deserves some more epic music, something maybe like this? Anyway, leave that on in the background as we go into the latest offering by the people behind Tiny Tower–Star Wars: Tiny Death Star! The… Continue Reading →

How StarCraft II helped write my thesis

Well, I should say my thesis is still very much in progress not started, but StarCraft II has played a very important role in helping with my writing and reading sources in preparation. That being said, I don’t actually own… Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy VII—In Chinese: Replacing the Music

This is an update to the original post, and considering the length of that one, I figured a separate post would be much more manageable that shoving updates into the original. Note: I wrote this after some high hopes that… Continue Reading →

Gaming on the iPhone

From the comments on this entry by a one Jacob Gill: This looks great. i have been wanting to revist this game for quite some time and playing through again in Chinese would make it even more fun (and perhaps… Continue Reading →

Final(-ly) Fantasy VII In Chinese—PC Version

This blog is entirely dedicated, and completely sourced from, the hard work and penchant desire to finally get some Chinese RPG goodness up in our studying by @benjarmyn (is this the proper way to cite Twitter folk? I don’t know….. Continue Reading →

Chinese Video Games

One thing I have always loved to do in my spare time was to play video games, and I have always wanted to incorporate that into my Chinese studies. Unfortunately, the vast majority of games (especially the ones I like)… Continue Reading →

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