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App Review: Eggbun Chinese

I have been playing around with Eggbun Korean for a little while, and noticed they recently released a Chinese version of their app. Overall, I love the concept of Eggbun and it’s a fun new way to go about teaching… Continue Reading →

Hanping: A Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary App Suite for Android

I’ve been using Android on my phone much more recently, which given me some time to check out the collection of Hanping apps, an old staple in the Android phone user’s repertoire. There’s six apps in total: Hanping Chinese Dictionary (with both a… Continue Reading →

In Paper versus Electric Dictionaries, Electric Wins

It was quite a while ago now I ran a little poll asking if people preferred using Paper Dictionaries, Electronic Dictionaries, or both. Well, turns out the results were pretty much unanimously in favor of Electronic Dictionaries! With their convenience, portability, and… Continue Reading →

Sticktionary – A New Take on a Classic Learning Method

A buddy of mine contacted me not too long ago about a new project he was working on called Sticktionary. It piqued my interest immediately, since one of the methods I used back when I first started learning Chinese was… Continue Reading →

“Relationship Calculator” – An App To Help Keep Those Familial Terms Straight

One of the biggest challenges many learners face is in trying to learn the different ways of addressing family members. I remember what pretty much amounted a general look of confusion around the classroom as we went over the multitude of combinations…. Continue Reading →

Chinese Learning Apps for Android Roundup

This post is a follow-up to the New Chinese Learning App Roundup post, but this time we’ll be focusing on apps for Android! While messing around on my Android phone, I went through and grabbed what seemed like the most… Continue Reading →

Ninchanese – a new comer to the online Chinese language learning arena

I had been following the progress of Ninchanese for a little while. I joined the beta program a while ago, and it was a few months ago that I received news that the beta was ready. I’ve gone in and… Continue Reading →

SwiftKey for Android Now Supports Chinese!

Every so often I switch the default keyboard just to check out the third party ones. I don’t use them often, but I was happy to see that SwiftKey (one of the first third party keyboards I downloaded) finally supports… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Taiwan Goes to Japan

Okay so I have a guilty pleasure: Whenever McDonald’s comes out with a new and unique burger in Taiwan, I can’t help myself but go and try it. Mostly because, really, you’ll never get to see these things stateside. This… Continue Reading →

[App Review] Mandarin Companion Graded Readers – A Complete Immersion Environment

Personally, I’m a huge fan of graded readers: not only do I use them in my own Japanese language studies, but they also play a large role in my graduate school research. However, I find that for Chinese learning, there’s far… Continue Reading →

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