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App Review: Eggbun Chinese

I have been playing around with Eggbun Korean for a little while, and noticed they recently released a Chinese version of their app. Overall, I love the concept of Eggbun and it’s a fun new way to go about teaching and learning a new language.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what Eggbun has to offer where you “Chat to learn Chinese”!

First and foremost, you’re probably wondering, what does “chat to learn Chinese” mean? Well, with Eggbun, you’re literally “chatting” to learn the language. There’s a conversation going on between different participants, and you get to join in by typing in phrases for various greetings.

You use Pinyin to input the phrases, but the developers smartly put a hard requirement on using tone marks when typing to be able to respond (so just “Nihao” won’t work, you need to have the tone marks). I am not a huge fan of emphasizing Pinyin, but this is definitely a smarter implementation as it does require you to focus on the tones when typing.

Still, the use of the keyboard is a nice way to get you actively involved in the lesson as you go, and so far the conversations feel (as best as they can) natural.

You’ll start off with Pinyin initials, then more on to the finals, tones, and more. Luckily there’s no hard requirement to finish any of those lessons before checking out the greeting expressions lesson.

They also will quiz your knowledge in the form of chats, asking you to choose the proper phrases (based on the English) or other prompts. There is also audio so you can hear the phrases as they’re spoken out loud.

To get the most out of Eggbun, however, you will need to actually pay for a subscription to access many of the different lessons and other premium content. As of this writing, it’s $49.99/year or $9.49/month. So it isn’t terribly expensive, but I would say only invest in it if you really like “chatting” to learn.

Still, it’s a fun concept and worth taking the time to check out.

You can find the app both on Google Play and the iTunes store. There’s also an introductory video they did:

In addition, check out some screenshots below!

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