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Getting Around: MRT Exit Gives you the closest MRT exit to your destination

I came across MRT Exit just the other day, which promises to help find the best route from an MRT exit to your destination. As the MRT systems in Taipei and Kaohsiung keep expanding and are getting busier, it’s kind… Continue Reading →

ClozeCards: New Stories, Flashcards and Motivation

I just heard from David, the creator of ClozeCards.com (which you may remember from a previous post). He recently shared the information below with me, and I thought it would be really great to let everyone else know about these… Continue Reading →

[Guest Post] Learning by Example

I’ve long been a fan of learning new words and new phrases by context, that is, in the greater sentence and paragraph as a whole. Using and learning words in sentences has been a huge benefit to my studies as well,… Continue Reading →

WaiChinese – A complete tone changer

I have to preface this by saying I am extremely impressed by WaiChinese. I have absolutely always wanted an app that was able to actually track your tones as you say them and it’s finally here! So please go and… Continue Reading →

A Quick Look at “Learn a Chinese Phrase”

I was recently contacted by the Learn a Chinese Phrase team from Wayne State University about a video series they put together. I must admit this was pretty surprising, considering I went to school in Michigan and had friends at… Continue Reading →

So Long and Thanks For All the Chinese

This is going to be quite a short entry, busy putting together my research proposal for my thesis! But I wanted to share this with everyone, I was super excited when I found this the other day. I just happened… Continue Reading →

Free Bilingual Glossaries Online

This originally started out as a comment on Chinese Hacks, specifically on this post (which mentions me, so I have to thank them graciously for their retweets and mentions, thanks!), but I decided to also post it here. In addition,… Continue Reading →

Chinese<—>Chinese Online Dictionaries

Just a few links for my (and potentially your) reference for some online Chinese to Chinese dictionaries. The links are in increasing order of difficulty (e.g. Children’s Concise, to Children’s, to regular [with a lot of literary references to some… Continue Reading →

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