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After language classes end

Between starting my degree program and finishing up my studies at the Mandarin Training Center, I had about two years of non-class time to try and get myself ready for a degree program. This was probably one of the hardest transitions… Continue Reading →

In Paper versus Electric Dictionaries, Electric Wins

It was quite a while ago now I ran a little poll asking if people preferred using Paper Dictionaries, Electronic Dictionaries, or both. Well, turns out the results were pretty much unanimously in favor of Electronic Dictionaries! With their convenience, portability, and… Continue Reading →

On Tone Colors

While looking for discussions on tone colors, I came across this blog post the other day, “Color temperature of Mandarin tones“. I am by no means a designer, but I found it to be a really interesting analysis of a… Continue Reading →

Paper versus Electronic Dictionaries

Okay so this is a question I’ve been really curious about for a long time. Personally I love dictionaries, both paper and electronic–but I’m curious about what other people use. So, I thought it would be fun to just do… Continue Reading →

Why I like Zhuyin

There’s a lot of debate out there on whether or not Zhuyin is better than Pinyin, which makes your pronunciation better, etc. (and I am caught up right in the middle of it). And I’ve thought out it. Really thought… Continue Reading →

Pop culture influences

Among my friends and I, we’ve generally seen and grown up with pretty much the same movies. Often we’re able to quote them, fitting the context of whatever conversation we happen to be having. Of course, it’s often like this… Continue Reading →

One habit that I’ve picked up is asking questions for answers that you already know. While that sounds a bit silly, it’s really great practice for the variety of answers a question can have. At the same time, it’s good… Continue Reading →

Reflections on Last Month’s Tadoku

The first Tadoku of 2013 is over! That month went by so fast. I am really impressed with the records people have made this round, many breaking over one thousand pages a month. Definitely a huge congrats to them! I… Continue Reading →

The Problem with Defining “The Hardest Language to Learn”

This is something that kind of irks me. Often I will see friends or friends of friends post links to info-graphics or websites that categorize languages from easiest to hardest to learn. It starts with languages that are similar to English, which… Continue Reading →

Technically Dependent

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a buddy of mine, and 2x the more diligent student, Joe (you can catch him on Twitter). The issue of technology in language study came up, especially in relation to Pleco, the… Continue Reading →

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