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Rapid-Fire Mandarin

Or “how not to speak Mandarin”. In our studies, we all do some things we’re not proud of. Reading Sailor Moon Fist of the North Star, taking English language breaks (well, I wanted to hear how it sounded before it… Continue Reading →

Being a Language Poet (and not knowing it)

A buddy of mine on Twitter made the following posts the other day, which prompted some interesting discussion that I will endeavor to continue here. First, the set up (edited together from the original separated tweets): so this will sound… Continue Reading →

Be Sure to Fail

I’ve been getting back into the habit of doing my Surusu and Anki SRS deck reps, in addition to the reps I always do daily for Skritter. I came to a bit of a realization today, which I am certain… Continue Reading →

Classical Education in a Modern World

A buddy of mine from Twitter / the language learning blogosphere had posted a link to this article quite a while back, but I’m finally able to write the post I had been thinking about regarding one part of it…. Continue Reading →

Tadoku Round 4: Let’s Get This Party Started!

「平時,應多閱讀報刊書籍,培養自己的語感,避免出現初學者所犯的錯誤。」-「從字句到結構:學術論文寫作指引」,168頁。 That, my friends, is exactly why you need Tadoku. Let Tadoku Get Back Into You Get Back Into Tadoku! It’s registration time, and everyone knows the drill (you SHOULD by now!). If not, though, this entry outlines a lot… Continue Reading →

A Variety of Odd Jobs; a Variety of Immersion

Since coming to Taiwan in 2008, I’ve studied, worked, studied, and mostly studied. However, there was some work that I did do, and in three completely different fields. As the adage goes, “it has nothing to do with my degree!”… Continue Reading →

Comments on Pinyin versus Zhuyin

I had written a little while back about Pinyin and Zhuyin, two different systems for representing the sounds in Chinese–one used and advocated in mainland China, while the other primarily (and only) used in Taiwan. I generally prefer Zhuyin and… Continue Reading →


I have nothing against ChinesePod, myself (especially since I know someone that works there.. sorry buddy!!), and think they offer some really great services for any level learners of Mandarin. That said, their recent few adverts, which I consider to… Continue Reading →

Method Instead of Madness: One Book One Day Results

Suffice it to say, I did finish the book, and complete my personal challenge. Would I do it again? Probably definitely not. Some of the beauty of language study, at least the methods I prefer, is switching up the material… Continue Reading →

Tadoku One-Day One-Book Challenge

As I noted on Twitter earlier today, I am going to give myself a challenge for Tadoku: read one book in one day, starting from whenever I wake up to whenever I sleep. For my purposes, I’ve chosen 「日治時期臺灣的社會領導階層」or (as… Continue Reading →

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