This is something that kind of irks me. Often I will see friends or friends of friends post links to info-graphics or websites that categorize languages from easiest to hardest to learn. It starts with languages that are similar to English, which it then classifies as “easier” for a native English speaker to learn. Then it goes on, listing languages that are further away in similarity to English, finally ending up with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean as the hardest language to learn.

This information is great…

….if you want to be completely intimidated about learning Chinese.

….if you want to establish a virtual barrier in your mind to Chinese, that it is too hard to learn.

….if you want an excuse to not learn it, or to not learn it well.

I suggest avoiding this kind of information as it’s only useful in intimidating you.

The fact is, anyone can learn Chinese. Anyone. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. You can do it.

When you’re fluent in Chinese, you can come back, bring those charts to a high school reunion and show off how smart you are to those jerks from second period look at those charts and laugh