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Android, wash up and go to sleep! Android 可以洗洗睡了

I came across this phrase in the title of an article from TechOrange (a super great Chinese language tech news website by the way. You should bookmark it now!). 洗洗睡(xǐxǐshuì)is a fun Chinese internet slang term, which means something like… Continue Reading →

Release the stationary!

Seen at work, cracks me up every time I pass by it. Let’s break this down! 文具 (wénjù): stationary 解放區 (Jiěfàngqū): liberation area 解放區 解放 (Jiěfàngqū): liberation 區 (Jiěfàngqū): area/district Historical tidbit! 解放區 can also refer to cities liberated by the Chinese… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Me Be Your April Fool

It’s April Fool’s Day and in addition to see what Google and others are doing to celebrate, I came across the amazing image seen above. It says: 誰讓我過愚人節 我就讓他過清明節 Two holidays are mentioned, April Fool’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day:… Continue Reading →

Johnny’s Walking

Caught this great image from Facebook and decided to share some Chinese creativity with Johnny Walker! See if you can figure out the puns, and check below for the answers!

A Happy Meal, This is Not

Frightening. Anyway, creepy Ronald is here to teach you some use(less?)ful Chinese!

Are you human?

Well, after so many failed attempts to put in your password you not only feel a little silly, but are also asked, hey are you even human? 我們得檢查一下 …你是人類嗎? Let’s break this down: 我們 (wǒmen): we 得 (děi): need to… Continue Reading →

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