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A Happy Meal, This is Not


Anyway, creepy Ronald is here to teach you some use(less?)ful Chinese!

McDonald’s, first of all, is 麥當勞 (Màidāngláo).

As for Ronald McDonald, he’s 麥當勞叔叔 (Màidāngláo shūshu) or “uncle Ronald” (which feels creepier somehow). His full name is: 羅納德·麥當勞 (Luónàdé · Màidāngláo) , in case you needed that information to fulfill your day.

As for what Ronald McDonald is, well, 麥當勞叔叔是麥當勞的「吉祥物」(jíxiángwù),「吉祥物」即是”mascot”。

Some other fun fast food vocabulary:

absolutely horrified (idiom time!): 毛骨悚然 (máogǔsǒngrán)

frightening: 恐怖 (kǒngbù)

Big Mac: 大麥克 (Dà Màikè)

Fries: 薯條 (shǔtiáo)

Set meal (burger, fries and drink): 套餐

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