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Johnny’s Walking

Caught this great image from Facebook and decided to share some Chinese creativity with Johnny Walker!

See if you can figure out the puns, and check below for the answers!


Row 1:

約翰走路 (Yuēhàn zǒulù) Johnny Walker
約翰走步 (Yuēhàn zǒubù) Johnny Traveling (basketball)
約翰走秀 (Yuēhàn zǒuxiù) Johnny Walks the Runway

Row 2:

約翰迷路 (Yuēhàn mílù) Johnny Lost
約翰走私 (Yuēhàn zǒusī) Johnny Smuggles
約翰跑路 (Yuēhàn pǎolù) Johnny Runs (Runaway)

Row 3:

約翰走開 (Yuēhàn zǒukāi) Johnny Walks away
約翰走音 (Yuēhàn zǒuyīn) Johnny Off-key
約翰走了 (Yuēhàn zǒule) Johnny Dies

If you haven’t guessed by now, the entire image is a play on the Chinese name for Johnny Walker, 約翰走路 (Yuēhàn zǒulù). Each pun makes a smart use of the Chinese words for “walk” and “road”. Pretty creative!

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