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Creating Your Language Habit Environment

Below is a reflection about this post related to setting up a habit environment. If you haven’t read through it yet I recommend giving it a read. Leo makes some very good points about how to go about setting up a habit… Continue Reading →

On Tone Colors

While looking for discussions on tone colors, I came across this blog post the other day, “Color temperature of Mandarin tones“. I am by no means a designer, but I found it to be a really interesting analysis of a… Continue Reading →

ClozeCards: New Stories, Flashcards and Motivation

I just heard from David, the creator of (which you may remember from a previous post). He recently shared the information below with me, and I thought it would be really great to let everyone else know about these… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Set Up Your Language Immersion Environment Today

In language learning, the environment around you is just as important as the tools that you have with you. Vice versa, the tools you have with you are just as important to your language learning environment. Keep reading for 5… Continue Reading →

One habit that I’ve picked up is asking questions for answers that you already know. While that sounds a bit silly, it’s really great practice for the variety of answers a question can have. At the same time, it’s good… Continue Reading →

MCBs and Anki 2.0

This post is a reflection on my experiences with MCBs, mentioned by Jeff弁 over at his blog. You can read all about them here and in this follow-up post, both worth checking out in their entirety. MCB’s, to quote Jeff… Continue Reading →

Blogs in Taiwan (and using them to your advantage)

One thing I have noticed since coming to Taiwan and wasting time online studying for graduate school has been the incredible amount of blogs available to read written by Taiwanese on a wide variety of topics. There was a blog… Continue Reading →

Inverse Timeboxing

Whew, okay, two entries literally right after each other but I had to bring this up as I just finished my Skritter reps for the day and came upon this idea. Okay, so generally when we talk about timeboxing, it’s… Continue Reading →


In my rather fanatical devotion to connecting technology with my language learning, I keep trying to find new ways to remain connected even when there is no internet or, say, on a commute. How do you keep yourself reading, even… Continue Reading →

標楷體 on a Mac (Traditional Chinese font)

Apple computers–no matter what your opinion of them–are becoming increasingly popular. While they have excellent language handling (the ability to switch languages in an instant is pretty amazing) there’s still a few drawbacks. One I ran into with Chinese was… Continue Reading →

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