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Why Tadoku Is Important (and why you should care)

Whether or not you’re a Twitter user, this may be the time to sign up. That’s right, it’s Tadoku Season again! As we know: The ReadMOD contest was established to promote this least-method-like of methods.  It is extremely simple: read… Continue Reading →

Phone Number Rhythm

File this one under weird observations, but I think it may be a useful little bit when language learning. That is, when giving someone their phone number, do you have proper phone number rhythm? You know, if you do it… Continue Reading →

The DS—Yes I’m actually studying!

As I sit in the library of the most prestigious university in Taiwan, I find the glances and strange looks my direction as I furiously tap away on my Nintendo DS on top of a stack of academic articles. “Surely… Continue Reading →

Put on a lil’ music Followup

So, it’s been roughly a month since I started studying songs and lyrics using this method, and I just wanted to do a quick report on the results. Today I was taking the bus back from school and I found… Continue Reading →

Freelance Translation

I’ve been a bit busy with Christmas, New Year’s, and all that fun stuff, but I have also been doing some freelance translation work. When I say freelance, I really mean freelance. As in unpaid. This is mostly for college… Continue Reading →

Why I deleted my RTK and Sentence Decks

I figured this caused some stir (okay, well, like TWO people but they’re worth typing this thing up) when I mentioned I deleted by RTK and Sentence decks. Yes I really did. Yes I deleted my 4,000+ RTK deck. That… Continue Reading →

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

So in my infinite wisdom, I have also been studying Japanese on the side (as if Chinese wasn’t enough!). But I’ve always had a strong interest in it (and I started Japanese in high school, which lead me to Chinese)… Continue Reading →

Preparing for ReadMOD

多読 (or Tadoku/Read More or Die/ReadMOD) is the genius brainchild of LordSilent. I’m very excited to join in on this contest! While you can read about it here, the goal of the contest is, as is probably obvious, to read… Continue Reading →

Put on a lil’ music

After coming across this article at AJATT (like, 3 months ago) I finally got around to implementing it into my regular studies! I have to admit, I’m really happy with the results. I have done things a little differently, though…. Continue Reading →

The decline of SRSing sentences?

I’ve been noticing hints at a new trend in SRS language study: the decrease of actual SRS sentence entries and reps. A post at WooChinese made me think about my current study methods, which I will quote through a comment… Continue Reading →

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