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Pop culture influences

Among my friends and I, we’ve generally seen and grown up with pretty much the same movies. Often we’re able to quote them, fitting the context of whatever conversation we happen to be having. Of course, it’s often like this in the greater sphere of American pop culture, something everyone has either heard of or grown up with in some way or another.

It’s kind of like that here as well, and I’ve noticed with most specifically with Stephen Chow (周星馳) movies. Lines from his movies has entered pop culture in Taiwan, from referring to cockroaches as 小強 to making commentary on food in similar veins to the titular character in《食神》. Similar to how my friends and I will throw back and forth lines from Back to the Future or use nicknames from Star Wars (padawan comes to mind), so I was so happy to catch those references in conversations here.

I’ve only picked this up from watching (probably way too much) Stephen Chow movies, and it’s always fun to pick up those references and play off of them in conversation.

So the summary of this seemingly pointless post: watch more! 😀

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