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Final Fantasy VII—In Chinese: Replacing the Music

This is an update to the original post, and considering the length of that one, I figured a separate post would be much more manageable that shoving updates into the original.

Note: I wrote this after some high hopes that it would work, regardless of the operating system in use. Unfortunately this is not the case and the following instructions only seem to be applicable to Windows XP or less. I was hoping it’d work! But, feel free to read on if you’re interested.

Anyway, so we all hate that horrible MIDI music, right? Well, in that Chinese Language bundle from before, it also includes an install pack for replacing the music! Assuming you have everything installed, go to the Final Fantasy VII folder in the start menu:


You’ll want to go with the 「PS音樂外掛」program. Run that, and this screen shows:


You’ll notice it says that Windows XP or less there. This may no be an issue if you’re running this through Wine or have XP. Anyway, install this and you should be all set! As I said, I don’t know if this really works or not, but if you happen to running XP and get this to work—let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII—In Chinese: Replacing the Music”

  1. Aww, what’s wrong with the MIDI music? What would you replace it with? I played most of it in Japanese and didn’t mind the original music, unless it was the Black Mages versions of the same songs it would be weird.

    1. I guess I just found it so much different compared to the original music from the Playstation version that it bothered me.

      Finally somebody else that knows about the Black Mages!

      I don’t know what this program actually replaces it with, since I haven’t had a chance to actually get it to work.

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