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Gaming on the iPhone

From the comments on this entry by a one Jacob Gill:

This looks great. i have been wanting to revist this game for quite some time and playing through again in Chinese would make it even more fun (and perhaps productive). I have also found while playing FFI and FFII on my iPhone that if you have your phone in Chinese mode during the launch of the game everything is in Mandarin Chinese (Traditional or Simplified depending on your preferance). It is a great (and easy way) to study some Chines while playing an RPG. If you have an iPhone.

Thanks for the tip Jacob!

Anyway, I haven’t picked them up myself but now I certainly have some incentive to do so. While I did not know about Final Fantasy, games such as Angry Birds (what limited text there is) are also localized. If you happen to play one, or use an app, by putting your phone’s language into Chinese you’ll get the app in Chinese as well. It’s a useful little tip to know!

So get out there, give Apple and the developers some of your money and bust into the immersion environment! You know, like when you’re in class or doing something incredibly droll.

Side note: From what I’ve seen, this works with Android apps as well.

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