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This Christmas, make it an eReader

…please, really, I need one! Anyway. Yes, while I do not actually own an eReader, I’ve come across a lot of great ways to use an eReader to your language studying advantage! First, let me direct you to the entry… Continue Reading →

Safari’s Top Sites

I recently downloaded Apple’s web browser, Safari, for use on my laptop. Mainly I just wanted to play around with it. I made sure to download it in Chinese, of course! When I opened the top sites, I found to… Continue Reading →

Auto-ZhuYin in Word 2010!

I just noticed this feature today, but Word 2010 (Chinese-Traditional-Taiwan edition anyway) has a nifty little feature: The red-circled tool will automatically insert the appropriate ZhuYin(注音)for the selected character: That’s, that’s just beautiful. This gives me more of a reason… Continue Reading →

Crossing the OS Language Barrier

I got the idea to switch over my operating system into Chinese, but I never thought I’d actually do it. Finally, two weeks ago, I did. I went to my local 燦坤 (a chain electronics store) and ordered up my… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to SRS Programs

A very important aspect of my studying is utilizing SRS programs. So what is an SRS? SRS stands for Spaced Repeition System and a lot has been said on the topic. Here are a few great pages to start with… Continue Reading →

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