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A little mouse in an email address

In my previous post on punctuation, I left out perhaps one of the most interesting, creative, and perhaps most relevant to the internet, symbols: the @ symbol! When you ask people for their email address, they’ll often answer you with:… Continue Reading →

The Art of Punctuation in Chinese

There is a certain art to Chinese punctuation, and as a graduate student, writing papers with proper pronunciation is exceedingly important. 「知漢字者智。知標點者明。」-Me, breaking traditional poetic structure. A Little History of Chinese Punctuation Chinese traditionally had no paragraphs, no spaces and,… Continue Reading →

New Chinese Learning App Roundup!

There’s been quite a few great new apps released for both iOS and Android recently that would make a great addition to any Chinese learner’s toolbox. So in this post I wanted to highlight a few of them and share… Continue Reading →

“You sold me out!”

A staple of any good mafia movie is when one of the guys rats out someone for fun and/or profit. And guess what? Chinese has an awesome phrase for a situation like that, too! 你出賣我!(nǐ chūmài wǒ) 出賣 is actually… Continue Reading →

The Skritter Android Beta is Out!

Good news for Skritter users with Android devices–the Skritter Beta for Android is out! Check out the post below for a few screenshots and brief overview. Also, learn how to get a three-week free trial (instead of the usual one week)… Continue Reading →

A Quick Look at “Learn a Chinese Phrase”

I was recently contacted by the Learn a Chinese Phrase team from Wayne State University about a video series they put together. I must admit this was pretty surprising, considering I went to school in Michigan and had friends at… Continue Reading →

Have a Nice Trip!

Spotted at the airport: In Chinese: 祝大家旅途愉快 祝 zhù wish 大家 dàjiā everyone 旅途 lǚtú journey/trip 愉快 yúkuài happy/cheerful Or, in English, 🙂 Have a nice journey (or trip)! It’s also easily adapted wishing, say, you friend or family to… Continue Reading →

A Crash Course in Chinese Numbers

This is a pretty simple post, but hopefully it’ll give you a quick and easy introduction to Chinese numbers–which can be rather intimidating at first the larger they get! But as you’ll see, it’s pretty easy to figure out once… Continue Reading →

Addressing an Envelope in Taiwan – Horizontal

Now that we’ve looked at how to address envelopes in the more traditional vertical style, let’s take a look how to address horizontal envelopes! Horizontal As for the horizontal envelopes, the post office yet again gives us some great instructions:… Continue Reading →

Addressing an Envelope in Taiwan – Vertical

Since we’ve got our addresses down, on to envelopes! In Taiwan, there are two ways to write the address on the envelope: the more traditional, vertical, way or the more Western-style horizontal way (all depends on the type of envelope… Continue Reading →

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