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Chinese (vocab, phrases, etc.)

Addressing an Envelope in Taiwan – Vertical

Since we’ve got our addresses down, on to envelopes! In Taiwan, there are two ways to write the address on the envelope: the more traditional, vertical, way or the more Western-style horizontal way (all depends on the type of envelope… Continue Reading →

How the Taiwanese Address System Works

Mailing letters is admittedly a long and arduous process, what with the fancy emails and instant messaging these days, but it’s still quite a necessary part of life abroad! In this post we will be looking at the (relatively) easy… Continue Reading →

Quick Vocab: App Updates

Just a quick little post about some app related Chinese! 修正iOS 5相容性問題: Corrected iOS5 compatibility issues. 修正(xiū​zhèng​): to revise / to amend / fix 相容 (xiāng​róng​xìng): compatibility Made up of: 相容 (xiāng​róng): compatible 性 (xìng): -ity 問題 (wèn​tí​): problem /… Continue Reading →

Driverless Car

The future, today! According this article from the New York Times, driver-less cars could change the shape of cities in the future. From the title: 無人駕駛汽車將怎樣改變未來城市生活? The most exciting vocabulary bit is driver-less car in Chinese, which is 無人駕駛汽車: 無人駕駛 (wúrénjiàshǐ):… Continue Reading →

Johnny’s Walking

Caught this great image from Facebook and decided to share some Chinese creativity with Johnny Walker! See if you can figure out the puns, and check below for the answers!

A Happy Meal, This is Not

Frightening. Anyway, creepy Ronald is here to teach you some use(less?)ful Chinese!

Are you human?

Well, after so many failed attempts to put in your password you not only feel a little silly, but are also asked, hey are you even human? 我們得檢查一下 …你是人類嗎? Let’s break this down: 我們 (wǒmen): we 得 (děi): need to… Continue Reading →

What in ‘der’ world?

Since I occasionally spend some time playing around on ptt, I come across a lot of specialized (e.r. completely random) internet speak. Recently, a new and unique one that has cropped up is “der” and it’s just such an oddball, I… Continue Reading →

Naming Planets in Chinese

I was going through articles I saved to read later (this NYT article was form over a year ago!) and came across this article from the Chinese Edition of the New York Times. Which, by the way, you should check… Continue Reading →

On the Versatility of Landmines

Just coming off this lovely four day vacation for 中秋節 (Happy post-Moon Festival everyone by the way!) and I’m bringing you this fun new colloquialism that I’ve heard used on and off both in the office and outside with friends…. Continue Reading →

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