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What in ‘der’ world?

Typical PTT nav screen
Typical PTT nav screen

Since I occasionally spend some time playing around on ptt, I come across a lot of specialized (e.r. completely random) internet speak. Recently, a new and unique one that has cropped up is “der” and it’s just such an oddball, I wanted to share it with everyone here!

Let’s look at some examples at how it’s used:


「超厲害der」(chāo lìhai):awesome

「我是來X der」(wǒshìlái):I’m here to [do x] …

In use, “der” replaces  the character 「的」and you’ll not only see it on ptt but also on Facebook, chat apps like Line, etc.

Of course it’s very specialized and I don’t think I can work it into my thesis any time soon, but wanted to share it with everyone in case you happen across it!

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