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Spotifying Your Language Learning

Apple Music. Google Music. Spotify. Who really knows what’s going on in the tech-music industry these days, but for me, Spotify just launched a new feature that is a huge plus for language learners out there. It’s called “Musical Map:… Continue Reading →

Chinese Learning Apps for Android Roundup

This post is a follow-up to the New Chinese Learning App Roundup post, but this time we’ll be focusing on apps for Android! While messing around on my Android phone, I went through and grabbed what seemed like the most… Continue Reading →

Ninchanese – a new comer to the online Chinese language learning arena

I had been following the progress of Ninchanese for a little while. I joined the beta program a while ago, and it was a few months ago that I received news that the beta was ready. I’ve gone in and… Continue Reading →

Introducing Project Chrono

Chrono Trigger: perhaps one of my (if not the) all-time favorite RPGs. Then, a beautiful thing happened one day: SquareEnix released an iOS and an Android version of Chrono Trigger. But, not only that, it included a complete Chinese translation–both… Continue Reading →

Quick Vocab: App Updates

Just a quick little post about some app related Chinese! 修正iOS 5相容性問題: Corrected iOS5 compatibility issues. 修正(xiū​zhèng​): to revise / to amend / fix 相容 (xiāng​róng​xìng): compatibility Made up of: 相容 (xiāng​róng): compatible 性 (xìng): -ity 問題 (wèn​tí​): problem /… Continue Reading →

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