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Preparing for ReadMOD

多読 (or Tadoku/Read More or Die/ReadMOD) is the genius brainchild of LordSilent. I’m very excited to join in on this contest! While you can read about it here, the goal of the contest is, as is probably obvious, to read more! The rules (specifically for v2.0) are as follows:


  • 1 page in a regular book or novel
  • 5 pages of a manga/comic/graphic novel
  • 1 newspaper article*
  • 1 blog post on the internet
  • 1 webpage*
  • 1 page in a magazine
  • The lyrics of 1 song
  • 5 minutes of subtitles in your L2**
  • 2 pages of a script/play
  • 10 minutes of niconico comment reading***
  • 6 screens in a full-screen game (like Umineko, or Higurashi)
  • 11 screens in a regular game where you read from a textbox. (This assuming you are playing a text heavy game. if not count sentences!)
  • You may also re-read pages for lesser value (half each time) ex: first read 10 pages, second read 5 pages, third read 2.5 pages etc.

If in doubt a 400 characters is usually around ~17 sentences.

    Note: SRS reps do not count toward your reading count.

Since I am doing this in Chinese, I will made some edits to this that may interest other readers.

First, niconico (assuming he meant ニコニコ動画, since I’m not familiar with it) has a Chinese version (NicoNico動畫台灣版) located here.

Manga, some can be found here.

Taiwan TV shows can be found here.

For full-screen game (but not terribly text heavy) I suggest 洞窟物語 Cave Story.

And some pictures of the books I’ll be reading:



Anyway.. I highly suggest anyone that’s interested to give it a shot!

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