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Prepare to battle!

I always much preferred the battle system in Chrono Trigger over Final Fantasy, especially encountering enemies: being able to see the enemies first not only made for richer environments, but is also took away much of the annoyance of random battles.

That said, battles do happen and when you get into one, you need to know what to do! Let’s check out the menu options:

Battle Dialog:

逃跑成功 (táopǎo chénggōng) = Escaped!
不能逃跑 (bùnéng táopǎo) = Can’t escape!
[Character]站起來了 (zhànqǐlai le) = [Character] got back up!
目標 (mùbiāo) = target

Battle Commands:

戰鬥 (zhàndòu) = Attack
技能 (jìnéng) = Tech
連攜 (liánxié) = Combo
道具 (dàojù) = Item
逃跑 (táopǎo) = Escape
1人技 (yīrénjì) = Single Tech
2人技 (liǎngrénjì) = Dual Tech
3人技 (sānrénjì) = Triple Tech

Status Ailments:

poison2毒 (dú) = Poison


緩速 (huǎnsù) = Slow

sleep睡眠 (shuìmián) = Sleep

chaos混亂 (hùnluàn) = Confuse

blind失明 (shīmíng) = Blind

lock遺忘 (yíwàng) = Lock

stop2時間停止 (shíjiān tíngzhǐ) = Stop

沉睡 (chénshuì) = Sap
完全遺忘 (wánquán yíwàng) = Omnilock
守封 (shǒufēng) = Curse
無法戰鬥 (wúfǎ zhàndòu) = KO

Status Enhancements

加速 (jiāsù) = Haste
護盾 (hùdùn) = Protect
護罩 (hùzhào) = Barrier
重生 (chóngshēng) = Reraise
狂戰士 (kuángzhànshì) = Berserk

SNES - Chrono Trigger - Status Ailment

The spoils of battle:

到手了! (dàoshǒu le) = Obtained!
技能點數 (jìnéng diǎnshù) = TP (Tech Points)
金錢 (jīnqián) = Money; G
[Character]的等級上升了! (de děngjí shàngshēng le) = [Character]‘s level increased!
[Character][tech name]學會了!(jiāng xuéhuì le) = [Character] learned [tech name]
獲得了[number]經驗值 (huòdé le jīngyàn zhí) = Earned [number] EXP.
獲得了[number]技能點數 (huòdé le jìnéng diǎnshù) = Earned [number] TP.
獲得了[number]G (huòdé le G) = Found [number] G.
獲得了[item] (huòdé le) = Obtained [item]
[Character]的等級上升了! (de děngjí shàngshēng le) = [Character]‘s level increased!
[Character]學會了[tech name]! (xuéhuì le) = [Character] learned [tech name]!
[Character]學會了2人技 [tech name]! (xuéhuì le liǎngrénjì) = [Character] learned [tech name] dual tech!
[Character]學會了3人技 [tech name]! (xuéhuì le sānrénjì) = [Character] learned [tech name] triple tech!

This should get you safely any battle in the game!

4 thoughts on “Prepare to battle!”

  1. Very nice! I look forward to playing this once they fix the game for Lollipop *sadface*. I thought I would mention that the character 攜 is pronounced xi1 in Taiwan. Love the colors and format of the post.

    1. I hope they get that fixed for Lollipop soon! I’ve just been playing it on iOS in the meantime. Ah well. I’ve been thinking about making annotations for pronunciation differences, and it may be worth pointing out. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. Hey! Haven’t visited in a WHILE but happy to see the battle system post! Just wanted to let you know that you’ve got readers and supporters excited to watch this project unfold. Keep up the great work. Hope your time back in NJ was restorative 🙂

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the super late reply. NJ was.. as restorative as NJ can be I guess :p But I’m back and getting into the swing of things again. Have a few posts I need to prep and get published. How’s everything been for you?

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