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Cloze Deletion Kanji and a word on Heisig

In reply to this comment in my previous post: maugrassia Interesting. I wonder how we’d do it in Japanese? Indeed, I had thought about this while typing up the previous post so I may as well get off my butt… Continue Reading →

Cloze Deletion Hanzi

Farting around on Twitter, as I am wont to do, I noticed a tweet by Khatz saying: @ajatt Khatzumoto Possible future #SRS hack/tweak: learning kanji using cloze deletions…hmmm.. Which brought to mind the current method that I use for character… Continue Reading →

Google Blogsearch

The principles of sentence hacking and using the SRS as a study method, and strongly influenced by this AMAZINGLY GENIUS idea by a handsome guy in Japan, suggests using Twitter as a dictionary and source for original L2 sentences. Genius…. Continue Reading →

Building a language repository (Avoiding boredom in your L2)

A new buddy of mine asked me through Twitter the other day: @zhongruige basically, what chinese-specific material have you found the most useful/fun/cool? it never feels like you have quite enough… To which I left a rather lengthy reply: @[handsome… Continue Reading →

3/29 Hanzi Story

Question: WHO are the WORDS spoken by an owl like BIRD Answer: 誰

A look at my SRS entries

Taking a break, I figured I would share how I am writing up my SRS entries for Chinese now: Question: 體驗,手感的幸福 Answer: 【體驗】ㄊ|ˇ |ㄢˋ 親身體會、感受。 【手感】用手觸摸時的感覺。如:「這件衣服的手感很好。」 【幸福】ㄒ|ㄥˋ ㄈㄨˊ 指生活、境遇圓滿愉快。 I am trying to break from the habit of using pinyin… Continue Reading →

Hanzi Story for 3/23

I have already inputted all of the characters from Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary into a single study file in an SRS. As I go through them daily, I always come across a few of the ones that I… Continue Reading →

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