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Language Learning

Moving the discussion abroad

As I’ve been working on my Master’s degree here in Taiwan, I’ve gone out and looked for resources, tips, strategies and more for doing a dissertation and handling pressure during graduate school. I’ve found that, while there is plenty of… Continue Reading →

GNDN and the Pomodoro Technique

GNDN is a favorite acronym of mine which stands for “Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing”. That’s kind of how I feel when I don’t have any specific set goals or timeboxing set in place. Instead, I wander around the internet for… Continue Reading →

Doing things bass-aackwards

I wonder if that’s actually the proper way to type that? Anyway. As part of the program (Master’s in History; 歷史所,碩士班) and the topic (Japanese Occupation Period in Taiwan; 日治時代) that I am currently studying, I am currently and will… Continue Reading →

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