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Auto-ZhuYin in Word 2010!

I just noticed this feature today, but Word 2010 (Chinese-Traditional-Taiwan edition anyway) has a nifty little feature:


The red-circled tool will automatically insert the appropriate ZhuYin(注音)for the selected character:


That’s, that’s just beautiful. This gives me more of a reason to get Office 2010 in Chinese! (Currently just using the trial version).

Might be a fun way to check out the programs anyway: try the trial versions of Office in your target language!

I may have a problem when it comes to new technology related stuff. By the way, LOVE how Linux (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc.) handles Japanese. Not so good with Chinese, though. Quite a few characters aren’t represented entirely, though it may just be my own lack of desire to try and figure it out.

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