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A Delivery of Tea

It’s Christmas in January for me when a box full of tea comes in the mail!

Seriously. Getting tea in the mail is probably the most amazing experience next to picking up books from 博客來 at 7-11.

I had heard of these guys before, but a recent article I came across this article 【老外愛台灣】Eco-Cha 用二十年的時間愛台灣茶, from Marie Claire Taiwan no less, that further introduced them (and the lucky timing of not having any tea left at home) prompted me to order some.

Called Eco Cha 一口茶 (and points for creativity with the name), they focus on sustainable tea growing and farming, with most of the tea they sell being in small batches. When I was looking into them for writing this post, I noticed they also had an Indiegogo campaign as well, which is worth a look to get a bit more background into where these guys came from and what their mission is.

Although my tea tray itself has seen better days, the new teapot that came with the set I ordered, as well the natural sweetness from the Organic Light Roast Oolong Tea made for a really pleasant and productive afternoon.

As the heaving coffee drinking graduate school days wane away, it’s been nice getting back into the more relaxing days of brewing a pot of tea and reading, writing, or spending time on a mountain enjoying the scenery below.

The tea itself is excellent, the design of the packaging and the care taken in packing for shipment really show that the guys behind Eco Cha take their tea seriously. For that reason, I’ll always be going back to them for tea–even if I still have plenty of tea left at home to enjoy.

If you’re in the mood for some tasty tea and a window into the kind of amazing tea you can get in Taiwan, give these guys a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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