Apple computers–no matter what your opinion of them–are becoming increasingly popular. While they have excellent language handling (the ability to switch languages in an instant is pretty amazing) there’s still a few drawbacks. One I ran into with Chinese was a missing font–one that is used in many documents in Taiwan, especially academic papers.

The font is called 「標楷體]」. It’s actually quite a nice font and prints well. For some Chinese practice, here is an explanation of why you need the font from a blog that also has it for download (link below):

不管是 Office 2008 for Mac 或是 Office 2004 for Mac 只要指定[標楷體]字形,就會變成四方形的亂碼,遲遲不對應的[標楷體]成為Mac的麻煩 (我想應當是Win與Mac雙方的專利問題),凡是在Mac收到[標楷體],你必須指定英文的[BiauKai]才會出現比較正確的標楷體,網路上有將Window中的標楷體放置到Mac的例子,雖然在安裝時會有警訊,但可供Mac使用者參考。安裝後[標楷體]會取代[BiauKai],如果之前是已經設定成[BiauKai]的話則不會自動取代。

To install it is pretty easy, and you can download a zip of the font from this blog post.

Hope this helps anyone that may have come across this issue!

Note: While running Lion, I noticed I had two instances of this font. Perhaps it is now included.