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Mandarin Poster

At the core, Mandarin Poster is just what it says it is–a poster for Mandarin. But it had a simple goal: create a study aid for the most basic Chinese characters to help beginners track their progress, while more advanced learners can see how they’re progressing as well as reference back to what they’ve learned before. So it’s a pretty universal tool, with fairly humble beginnings.

For starters–there’s now two character posters! There’s the original poster, which covered 1,000 characters, and now a second one which covers a further 1,000 characters. Not only that, but they also have a 1,500 character poster now as well.

They’ve also got an Elements of Chinese poster, which contains the most common components of the most common characters.

There’s more to be seen there, including self-print editions of their posters, typography maps, and a radical scroll (with both Pinyin and Zhuyin).

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