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How to be incredibly cheap and still make a good meal in Taiwan

I know, I know. Well, maybe you don’t know, but in Taiwan, food prices are pretty darned cheap. As well as the availability and variety are practically overwhelming. And yet, I (being me, who tends to be a cheapo) am always in search of finding ways to further economize. Today’s special: Beef Instant Noodles with a Hot Springs Boiled Egg and a healthy bottle of green tea to accompany it.

First, we stop by our friendly local 7-11 (they’re all local since there’s a billion of them, and half of them are across the street from each other). Grab our ingredients: the instant noodles, the egg, and the drink.

Instant noodles: 48NT (~1.50)
Hot Springs Egg: 16NT (~0.50)
Drink: 25NT (~0.80)

So, all together it’s a clean 89NT, or about $2.87 US. Let’s get started!


First, we prepare the instant noodles (looks delicious, right??):

DSC02739 DSC02740

Add hot water:


Wait three minutes then stir everything together:


Add the egg:


And voila! Deliciousness ensures! The Hot Spring Eggs are still a bit raw in the middle, which is extremely tasty.


Hope you enjoyed this look into a cheap man’s life! Peace Sign

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