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This Christmas, make it an eReader

…please, really, I need one!

Anyway. Yes, while I do not actually own an eReader, I’ve come across a lot of great ways to use an eReader to your language studying advantage!

First, let me direct you to the entry that started all of this, it’s right here. Read it, I’ll wait. Seriously, go read it! It’s genius!

All done? Okay, well, I don’t have much more information to impart on you, but after following the directions for Mangle, I was immediately satisfied with the results. I have two of my favorite mangas (in Chinese!) all in handy little PDFs ready for my (future) eReader.

Now, for you Chinese learners:

Those of you who may be using Haodoo (好讀) for Chinese literature (highly recommended! See my post about iPhone apps for some more information, specifically the cBook Lite section). By now, you should also have Calibre installed. Now, if you’ve tried to download books from Haodoo, they’re in a very finicky format (pdb) that most programs can’t open. But, luckily, someone came alone to fix that!

Meet Haodoo for Calibre! It takes no time at all to install, and once it’s in, you can easily change those pdb formats to a format of your choice!

Anyway, I hope this was useful!

UPDATE 12/9/2010: I just found a really good online store for purchasing ebooks in Chinese from Taiwan, called Pubu. Be sure to check it out!

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