Release the stationary!

Seen at work, cracks me up every time I pass by it.

Let’s break this down!

  • 文具 (wénjù): stationary
  • 解放區 (Jiěfàngqū): liberation area


解放 (Jiěfàngqū): liberation

區 (Jiěfàngqū): area/district

Historical tidbit! 解放區 can also refer to cities liberated by the Chinese Communists during the Chinese civil war.

While the stationary itself is saying「快讓我重見天日!」


快 (kuài): quick

讓 (ràng): let/allow

我 (wǒ): me

重見天日 (chóngjiàntiānrì): [idiom] to see the light again; deliver from oppression

In total we get: “Stationary Liberation Area” — “Quick, deliver me from oppression!”

A little workplace fun goes a long way to helping you learn a language!

Don’t Let Me Be Your April Fool

It’s April Fool’s Day and in addition to see what Google and others are doing to celebrate, I came across the amazing image seen above.

It says:



Two holidays are mentioned, April Fool’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day:

愚人節 (yúrénjié): April Fool’s Day

清明節 (Qīngmíngjié): tomb-sweeping day; celebration for the dead

The whole phrase roughly translates to: “Whoever lets me celebrate April Fool’s Day (plays me a fool), then I’ll let them celebrate Tomb Sweeping Day (I’ll be sweeping their tomb)”.

It’s so cheeky I love it!

Some other useful vocab from the phrases above:

誰 (shéi): who; whoever

讓 (ràng): allows; lets

過 (guò): pass (can also be used to be celebrate a holiday)

就 (jiù): “…then..”

Guess we know who not to play pranks on this year!