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Chinese culture

“Relationship Calculator” – An App To Help Keep Those Familial Terms Straight

One of the biggest challenges many learners face is in trying to learn the different ways of addressing family members. I remember what pretty much amounted a general look of confusion around the classroom as we went over the multitude of combinations…. Continue Reading →

The Piano Guys Go to China (and teach us something about Yin and Yang)

The Piano Guys have quickly become one of my favorite YouTube sensations. And about a year ago they somehow managed to get a piano on to the Great Wall of China and make this video. It’s amazing, take a look:… Continue Reading →

[Book Review] Chinese For Beginners

Tuttle Publishing graciously supplied this book for me to take a look at and review. Below are my thoughts on the book. Mastering Conversation Chinese: Chinese for Beginners By: Yi Ren and Xiayuan Liang (2012, Tuttle Publishing) There’s quite a large… Continue Reading →

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