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Signs, signs, everywhere signs

So in my infinite wisdom, I have also been studying Japanese on the side (as if Chinese wasn’t enough!). But I’ve always had a strong interest in it (and I started Japanese in high school, which lead me to Chinese) so I’m always looking for ways to study it on the side.

Well, one of the things I’ve been doing lately is using posts from It’s a (Japanese) Sign for Anki SRS entries! But, I’ve been doing it the simplest way possible:


Anyway, I just grab the picture from the site, and the explanatory text, then put it into Anki. On the front, I have the hiragana in addition to the sign. Why? Well, I’m not trying to learn each individual character, more in complete context as I’d see it. The meaning is fairly clear from the visual context (though one goal is to make sure I get it), but the thing I’m testing is to get a better feel for signs than just knowing the signs. The reasoning is that I’d like to be able to just glance and get an idea of the sign, instead of being forced to look and make sure I understand it. If that doesn’t make sense I apologize, but I’m in much need of food since I wasted half my day on these cards and kind of forgot to eat.

Plus it’s just fun to look at the signs and have some “easier” SRS cards to run through.

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