Recommended Blog: Chinese Through FFIII

I’ve been quite busy prepping for my new semester at school, but in the past few weeks I came across a blog titled “Chinese Through FFIII: it’s more fun than you can imagine“. The blog is just getting started, but already offers up three great entries starting you off in Final Fantasy III for the iPad. As has been mentioned, by switching your device’s language, the language in the game changes too–so BAM, Chinese!

After reading through those entries, I finally decided to pick up the game. I couldn’t be happier, and I highly recommend getting it if you have an iPad and can spare the $17 for the game. This also works on the iPhone versions as well, though I could only afford one, and I just had to go with the iPad version since the game looks awesome on the screen. It also plays really well–no crashes and flows just fine.

At any rate, really, check out that blog. The author painstakingly types up major text for readers, as well as relevant vocabulary, pronunciation, and interesting tidbits throughout. I especially enjoy following the author’s train of thought as they, too, go through the learning process.

Check it out! The first entry starts here.


    1. Well, thank you for the awesome blog!

      I’m having a blast playing through the game again. Oh right, I mean doing my schoolwork and occasionally playing the game..

    1. Hopefully they’re get to it, I’m also looking forward to more Final Fantasy titles for the iPad, though they’re really quire pricey, I love playing it on that platform.

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