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Hanping: A Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary App Suite for Android

I’ve been using Android on my phone much more recently, which given me some time to check out the collection of Hanping apps, an old staple in the Android phone user’s repertoire. There’s six apps in total: Hanping Chinese Dictionary (with both a… Continue Reading →

Learning by Listening

I came across this article, which, while dated (2009), it reinforces much of what I believe we already should know: “Our ability to learn new words is directly related to how often we have been exposed to the particular combinations… Continue Reading →

Vocab Friday: Tea

茶 (chá) tea 茶壺 [茶壶] (cháhú) teapot 紅茶 [红茶] (hóngchá) black tea (literally “red tea”, which was probably named for the color of the tea after brewed, while “black tea” referred to the color of the leaves from roasting) 綠茶… Continue Reading →

Mengdian (萌典)

As far as pure Chinese language dictionaries go, this is one of the best ones out there. It has a smart new interface and pulls from a larger variety of sources. It’s a good resource to have when you come… Continue Reading →


Skritter: Dictionary, SRS and writing trainer built into one with extensive vocabulary lists to choose from, it makes for a fantastic tool to get you going. The monthly cost can be a bit steep, but with a free trial, you’ll… Continue Reading →


It’s really hard to beat Pleco in terms of overall functionality, accessibility (both on iOS and Android), and the sheer number of add-ons that you can get. The variety of dictionaries available for purchase is also a huge asset that… Continue Reading →

Outlier Chinese

The Outlier Dictionary and accompanying posters started out as a Kickstarter project. The app itself appears to still be in development, but from the previews online (see the image just below), it looks to be a very comprehensive and promising… Continue Reading →


MDBG has been around for a while, it is almost the staple online dictionary for Chinese language students. I started using it back when I first started taking Chinese in college, and have been using it ever since. Whether I… Continue Reading →

Mandarin Poster

At the core, Mandarin Poster is just what it says it is–a poster for Mandarin. But it had a simple goal: create a study aid for the most basic Chinese characters to help beginners track their progress, while more advanced… Continue Reading →


I’ve already gone over this dictionary a bit in my Chinese Learning Apps for Android post, which you can take a look at here as well as in the recent tone colors post. The developer keeps the app updated regularly, and there… Continue Reading →

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