Just coming off this lovely four day vacation for 中秋節 (Happy post-Moon Festival everyone by the way!) and I’m bringing you this fun new colloquialism that I’ve heard used on and off both in the office and outside with friends. And yes, it is the namesake of this post!

ㄉㄧˋㄌㄟˊ [dìléi]

I don’t think I’ve ever come across such versatile use of the word “landmine” before, but it’s super fun to use. For example, when you’re out to lunch and have a crappy dessert or an even worse cup of coffee you can refer to it as 地雷:「這個蛋糕是地雷」。

It’s come to mean something that isn’t/wasn’t worth buying, or something that is famous in name only but in reality is actually pretty awful.

Some examples from the news:

用LINE10大地雷 最恨「顯示已讀不回」
外食族減重 避開3大早餐地雷

Funnily enough, this can also be used to refer to Windows ME, Windows Vista and Windows 8.