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The future, today! According this article from the New York Times, driver-less cars could change the shape of cities in the future. From the title:


The most exciting vocabulary bit is driver-less car in Chinese, which is 無人駕駛汽車:

無人駕駛 (wúrénjiàshǐ): unmanned

(literally no [無] person [人] drive [駕駛])

汽車 (qìchē): car

As for the rest of the title:


  • 將 (jiāng): will
  • 怎樣 (zěn​yàng): how
  • 改變 (gǎi​biàn): change
  • 未來 (wèi​lái): future
  • 城市 (chéng​shì): city
  • 生活 (shēng​huó): life

So the title is literally “driver-less cars will how change future city life”, or “How will driver-less cars change future city life?” Luckily Chinese is pretty straightforward!

Despite all this, I doubt we’ll be getting tour rides around Isla Nublar any time soon!


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