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[Review] Chinese Reader for Mac OSX (Beta 0.3.1)

I came across Chinese Reader for Mac OSX over at the forums on Skritter. This is a very promising application, and while it is only in beta, it still feels quite polished and enjoyable to use. I love the connectivity with… Continue Reading →

Skritter for iOS is here!!

You guys may or may not have any clue about how exciting this is for me, but in the past I have shown my love for Skritter. Now, the iOS version is finally available and I’m super excited to share… Continue Reading →

Skritter: My Favorite Chinese Study Buddy

As my free trial runs low, I thought I would introduce Skritter as my new favorite SRS study tool for Chinese! Skritter is a subscription-based SRS service that can be used to study both Japanese and Chinese. It focuses on… Continue Reading →

Outside Perspectives on Pleco-Update 4/7/2011

I’ve gotten some really interesting and insightful comments from people related to my post about the Pleco Chinese dictionary for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. I think the points they make are very worthwhile to read, and are important for… Continue Reading →

The Only Chinese-English Dictionary app You’ll Ever Need

I suppose this could be considered a sequel to this post on the best ebook reader for Chinese. I must apologize for my particular emphasis on i-devices, but as it’s the only kinds I own, I am most familiar with… Continue Reading →

The Only Chinese ebook Reader App You’ll Ever Need

Let me preface this by saying everything included in the app, including the app itself, is 100% free. This is important because, once you see all the features I’m about to lay out below, you’ll find out why I am… Continue Reading →

My Top Chinese Learning iPhone Apps

Well, since I sucked in and got an iPhone a few months ago, I’ve been trying my best to turn it into an ultimate tool in assisting with my studies. Since then, I’ve come across a few apps that I… Continue Reading →

Surusu: A Review

The more I use Surusu, the more I find myself falling in love with it—having officially transferred all of my Mnemosyne decks (except the writing ones, there’s a reason for that). Images and full review below the cut! That being… Continue Reading →

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