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A little look into my schedule

In order to understand why GNDN and pomodoro techniques are necessary for me, I’m going to introduce a little bit about what my daily schedule looks like.

6:00 Wake up; shower; make breakfast and prepare lunch.
6:50 leave and catch bus to Taipei.
8:00 get to office (I take a 20 minute walk from the bus stop to the office for some exercise).
8:00-1:00 work work work (get coffee) work~
1:00-2:30 lunch! This is where I cram in any studying/editing/reading/etc. that I need to get done.
2:30-5:00 work work work
5:30 (20 minute walk back to the bus stop, have to keep that exercise going!) grab the bus back home.
6:30-10:30 get home, finish some chores, prep dinner and get to studying.
10:30 sleepy times! Though I occasionally go to sleep later as I need, depending on the day’s workout.

Weekends have been busy with some other chores I can’t get done during the week, like grocery shopping. I also spend time on the weekends going back to visit family, seeing my new niece. So, for me, being able to use something like the Pomodoro Technique is incredible, and keeps me focused when I need it the most.1

Why bring this all up? Because I hope this encourages you to think that, well, perhaps your day isn’t as busy as you think, and you can find the time to follow your dreams and passions!

Of course, on the other hand, this is where posts like PhD Lifestyle Guilt over at The Thesis Whisperer makes me look forward to doing a PhD in the future!


1. Copious amounts of coffee may or may not contribute to this as well!

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