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5 Ways to Set Up Your Language Immersion Environment Today

In language learning, the environment around you is just as important as the tools that you have with you. Vice versa, the tools you have with you are just as important to your language learning environment.

Keep reading for 5 ways to get your immersion environment set up today!


1. Set your computer’s OS into Chinese: Unfortunately, Microsoft is notorious for making this difficult, but luckily you can find language packs available online. Here’s a few resources:

Mac OSX and Linux are much easier, with the languages built in to the system. All you need to do is switch to them. Here’s how for Mac and for Ubuntu, for example.

2. Set software you often use into Chinese: Many major programs offer multiple translations, and it’s an easy few clicks in the settings to change it to Chinese. A good example of this is Notepad++ (whose website also has a Chinese version)!

3. Websites, too: This goes for websites you often use as well: Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and many others all offer a Chinese translation of their site–all you need to do is switch.

4. YouTube subtitles: This may be a slight cop-out, but it’s also a great way to get some immersion while watching videos. Hopefully they’re subtitled in Chinese, but even if they’re not, just throw on a Chinese video instead. It may have English subtitles! Here’s how to turn on YouTube video subtitles.

5. Finally, set your phone’s language into Chinese: Likely, your phone is always with you. BONUS: this will also “localize” any games, apps, etc. on your phone that have Chinese translations! For iOS, follow these instructions. For Android, head here. For Windows, well, no-one uses that do they?

The beauty about this: you don’t even need to be in a foreign country to do it!

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